Pilates Mat

The Pilates Mat was Joseph Pilates’ first invention and Jennifer’s first love and claim to fame— the inspiration behind the first-ever Pilates Method video she released in 1998!
Find out why and experience the power and the magic yourself in this exceptionally empowering workout, using only your body’s own weight as resistance tool as you sculpt and strengthen your way to greatness.

Turn back the clock and be a child again! Fluid, flexible and free!
Introduce yourself to the mat routine that’s responsible for creating the world’s most beautiful, graceful and powerful bodies.
Prevent injury or rehabilitate everything from chronic back pain to arthritis as you invigorate and revitalize at any age or level of fitness.

Flow your way to deeper, more expansive breathing and range of motion, balance, coordination, and most importantly, new-found confidence and courage to live life on your terms, generating greater inner freedom and space that translates into the manifesting of infinite possibility.