Is summer really over? Actually, it’s been over for a while, we are just in denial over the colder weather that’s now upon us. We know it will soon be snowing so we are already planning our winter trips somewhere warm!

Just because bikini season and summer are over, doesn’t mean you should stop taking care of yourself or watching what you eat. Here are some tips and pitfalls to avoid to keep active during the fall and winter months.

Comfort food: I know when it’s damp and cold out it’s easy for your brain to start telling you it needs your favorite comfort food. From potpies to apple pies, it’s easy to add too many calories to a meal in the fall season. Try adding pumpkins and squash to your diet. These are jam packed with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals – some of which actually help you with breaking down fats and deterring your body from adding weight to your belly. They also have vitamin B6, which is essential to add to your diet once the sun is low in the sky and you aren’t out in it as much. They are easy to bake and a great side dish to any lean meat, chicken, or fish dinner.

Exercise in the morning: When it’s cold outside getting up and getting out first thing can really set the day off on the right foot. We have a variety of class options available to burn those calories, and improve circulation and blood flow for the rest of the day. If you wait until after work studies show that people are 40-60% less likely to make it to the gym at all and most will lose at least two fitness days per week in the wintertime.

Keep your sleeping quarters cool: In the wintertime especially the heat is sometimes cranked up beyond need. If you can turn down the heat in your bedroom at night your internal circadian rhythm that increases temperature between 1-3 a.m. when your liver is working hard to eliminate toxins and waste from your blood that you built up over the past 24 hours will function with better regulation. Another good tip in the bedroom is investing in a good humidifier to keep the air a little moist. Make sure you clean it every couple of days so you don’t create a cesspool of airborne bacteria.

Wear Layers and MELT your upper body: You will stay warmer if you wear layers and micro-knit clothing. Keeping your neck and shoulders warm and covered is essential to reduce shrugging and rounding your shoulders when it’s cold outside.

We’ll keep posting some fall tips including good foods, and fitness to keep your weight down, your energy up, and your mood balanced and stable.

Happy Fall!