I need more information and details about the types of classes offered.2021-06-30T16:25:06+00:00

Click on the button below for information on all of our classes.

I’m not feeling great and in addition to fitness, would like some dietary and nutritional guidance?2021-06-30T15:27:18+00:00

Heart Core Fitness Studio cares about the whole package and we promote total body wellness.  Whether you’re looking for an initial consultation, something to complement your athletic routine and goals or are just looking to feel better, we can help!  

Do I need to show up early?2021-06-30T15:30:43+00:00

If this is your first time at the studio, we’ll ask you to fill out a short intake form and store your personal items before your session or class starts.  Plan on arriving 5 minutes early.

Help! Something has come up and I need to cancel class at the last minute!2021-10-21T18:32:13+00:00


What should I wear to Heart Core Fitness?2021-06-30T15:31:17+00:00

Clothing that allows full range of motion is ideal. Leggings, yoga pants, comfortable tops, etc. Shoes are not permitted in the fitness studios.  We also have a shop located in the studio entrance with a regularly updated assortment of leggings, sports bras, tops, tanks and more! 

What should I wear/what do I need for Core Cycle Spin classes?2021-06-30T15:31:35+00:00

We have spinner Ride & Stages bikes which work with SPD cycle shoes.  No worries if you don’t have spin shoes, you can just wear your regular sneakers.

How do I manage my Heart Core Fitness account and schedule and reserve a spot in a class?2021-06-30T15:31:52+00:00

The easiest way to manage your account is through the Heart Core Fitness website or the  Mindbody Fitness app or website.  You can also view our full group class schedule on the Heart Core Fitness website. Once you select a class, you’ll be directed to Mindbody where you can easily book classes or class packages.  You’re also welcome to call or drop by the studio and we’ll help you at the reception desk! 

I’d like to work with a personal trainer? How do I book that?2021-06-30T15:32:10+00:00

We offer the opportunity to work 1:1 with a trainer for Pilates, strength and conditioning as well as customized personal training fitness sessions.  Please contact the studio at [email protected] to inquire about session times or give us a call at 508-314-8290. Please note that these sessions have limited availability but we’ll work our best to accommodate your requests. 

I like to work out with my friend? Besides group classes, what do you recommend?2021-06-30T15:32:44+00:00

We have personal training DUETS which are intimate personal training sessions for 1 hour.  These sessions are perfect for you and your favorite work out buddy or couples! We recommend calling the studio too.

I purchased a membership/class card and want to have friends use the classes. Can I do that?2021-06-30T15:33:08+00:00

Class cards are non-transferrable. Class cards must be fully used by the purchaser. All guests of Heart Core Studio must be registered so we can work together to keep track or your profile, activity and fitness. 

Do class cards/memberships expire?2021-07-01T22:34:55+00:00

All class cards expire after 3 months of the first use. We offer group classes every day so there are lots of options to use classes!

I’m visiting Wellfleet this month and will be back later this year. Can I put my card/membership on hold until I return?2021-06-30T15:33:37+00:00

Memberships cannot be frozen or put on hold. 

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