Instructor: Hilary Wallace



Go big, or go home!


Don't tell me I can't because I will. This mantra has served me much better since I've turned 40, than it ever did during my teenage years. After leaving a successful career in finance to give birth to two amazing children, I felt invisible. I had gained 40 pounds, lost my confidence, and sense of self. I apologized for myself constantly. This was not the role model I wanted to be for my kids. One night while out to dinner with my husband and his work colleagues, I let out a slew of self deprecating remarks to make them laugh,- but a very wise and beautiful woman didn't laugh. She told me to "shut up and do something about it!" It hit home. I was sick of being embarrassed. I wanted to be empowered. After enlisting the help of an amazing trainer and participating in boot camps with a group of amazing women I managed to lose over 40 pounds, began training and have never looked back. I have been training in Cross Training and Bootcamps now for over two years. I have my obtained my CrossFit Level I certificate at Virtuosity in Brooklyn, NY. I have competed the last two years at Mayhem in the Meadowlands and numerous CrossFit throw downs. I train clients to feel great about themselves and to reach goals they never believed they could. When was the last time you did a handstand? Think you can't do a pull-up, yes you can! Double unders? Hell yes! Let's try! I'd rather come in dead last having challenged myself, then taking the easy road, or worse, never trying at all. Shut up, show up, and let's play!

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