Project Description

Waking Energy

A new world awaits where you can express yourself fully, freely, and celebrate who you really are! Learn ancient secrets made-new, so that you can live life to the fullest, rediscover what got lost along the way, and inhabit a world of “sacred fitness” for body, mind and spirit, where you will become more conscious, more awake and more alive!
Discover the groundbreaking way to your most ageless, energized, joyful self with Waking Energy!
When you practice waking energy exercises, you actually feel energy awakening within your own body! As you learn how to “harvest” and gather chi, your life force— from the earth, from the trees, the flower, the plants and everything that grows and breathes upon it, you will learn to tap into and “harness” the energy of the universe, and literally “funnel” it into your own body to activate your body’s natural capabilities and reserves to promote healing and balance.

With this enlivening, rejuvenating, sensual, playful “Self-Love” massage energy dance, Waking Energy will help you recapture the “juice of youth,” fluid joint mobility, and the ability to perform every day tasks with zest and ease. Waking Energy be your “go-to” tonic, the magical elixir, the antidote to today’s stressful, cell-phoning, multi-tasking “modern” world. Waking Energy supercharges your natural life force almost instantly, and boosts your immunity, giving you the tools to cultivate the “inner power” to feel better, look better and protect yourself from the many stressors we have to cope with in our daily lives— taking the phrase “the best things in life are free” to a whole new level of amazingness!

How do you harness the energy of the universe? How can you bring energy into your own body from earth and the sky? I have learned, and I will teach you how you can become your own true fountain of youth, and the ultimate source of all of the boundless energy you will ever need to live healthfully and longer, more instinctively and naturally, with less stress and more vitality … all of the energy you will ever need to walk, think, work, run, reach, bend, garden, make love, play! You will turbocharge your metabolism and sentinel your immune system.

The glow of good health and energy will grow beyond your Waking Energy workouts and continue to grow exponentially, until you shine with a radiance that can only come from authentic inner peace and well-being that you, yourself have generated—the energy of love that fills your cup, so much so, that it will runneth over and you’ll be moved to share IT with others … Feel the LOVE ~ It’s Waking Energy! Are you ready to embark on your journey to the fountain of youth—to the center of you? Are you ready to awaken your life force, meet the energy of existence and unleash the fullness of your potential? When you learn to move in tandem with nature, embracing your own yin and yang, the feminine and masculine energies of the Universe, you will create true balance and an unparalleled sense of peace and self-acceptance, period for the first time.

Are you ready to feel a deepening intimacy with yourself, at times becoming so at one with your body, that you taste euphoria and experience an almost trance-like state in which you can merge with the energy of the universe that surrounds you and transcend your physical body? Get ready to experience your true power, and then go beyond into a new world of vitality, boundless energy, and rising joy …