Project Description

Legacy Tower of Power

Get excited about the amazing things your body will be able to do, and tap into a whole new level of strength, flexibility and core power with this revitalizing class based on Joseph Pilates original “Cadillac” workout.

The Cadillac was the best car at the time, and boasted many luxurious details that made the driver’s experience that much smoother, more elegant and ergonomic; so naturally, following suit, a man who had a penchant for the finer things in life, Joe named his grandest apparatus after it!

The Cadillac, or as it is also known, the “Trapeze Tower,” provides the practitioner with a wide variety of ways to enhance total well-being for a “smoother ride” through life.

Learn to defy gravity and turbocharge your body’s toning capabilities using isometric spring resistance to perform feats that may remind you of circus tricks!
When you learn to move from your center in tandem with your breath, every movement becomes more conscious and efficient —and the result?
You become more capable and powerful!

Fluid, flowing movements executed with meticulous attention to form and alignment create a juicy, fluid spine, also “oiling the joints,” and as Joe used to say, “you’re as young as your spine is flexible.”
Come play on this jungle gym for grown-ups —learn new “tricks,” the basics of which are literally the foundation level of the Pilates training regime used by the famed Cirque Du Soleil!

Remember it feels like to be carefree and have fun with toys! Get reacquainted with your joyful inner child, as you learn how to articulate through the spine, strengthening all of your spinal, torso, and “corset” muscles of the “powerhouse,” to make back pain a thing of the past!
Reach new heights of physical prowess and cultivate confidence, courage and calm through some serious play on the Legacy Tower of Power!