Project Description

Legacy Power Reformer

Return to life, and create a body you can be proud of in this inspiring, invigorating class that meets you where you are and helps you achieve results you never imagined possible!

You’ll feel brand new with Joseph Pilates’ original Reformer workout, as passed on from 1st Generation Pilates Master Inheritor, Romana Kryzanowska to 2nd Generation Master, Jennifer Kries to YOU!

Sculpt, tone, lengthen and strengthen, as you build confidence, will and determination! Cultivate tools to live your life with a new-found enthusiasm, pleasure, zest and ease.

Build unmatched core power as you develop grace, poise and presence from a deeper awareness and appreciation for your body and its capabilities. Learn the true meaning of “less-is-more,” with a kind of effortless effort, balancing your body by consciously and selectively engaging only the muscles you require to achieve optimal overall fitness with movements that come from the true coordination of mind, breath, body and spirit!

• Recapture youthful joint mobility
• Increase flexibility and range of motion
• Improve posture and enhance balance
• Banish back pain, expand lung capacity, and improve breathing issues like asthma
• Enhance your athletic performance with this perfect cross training tool for your golf, tennis, equestrian, skiing, swimming, running, dancing and on and on!

As you learn to direct your purposeful breath and attention to your “powerhouse,” the center that each and every movement emanates from, you will attain, and maintain, optimal breathing, form and alignment.

With Jennifer’s emphasis on flowing transitions between exercises, you’ll not only feel like you’re dancing on the apparatus, people will ask you if you’ve started taking ballet classes, you’ll be standing so tall! You’ll leave refreshed and alive, with a vibrant, energized calm that can last days after you leave the studio!