WE are OPEN!!!!!

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Hi everyone!

On May 18, the Governor announced the four-phase reopening plan that Massachusetts will follow. They also launched http://www.mass.gov/reopening, which has detailed information about how reopening will proceed.

They have anticipated that gyms and fitness studios will open in Phase 3 (No date yet – no earlier than June 29).

But OUTDOOR FITNESS CLASSES are permitted to operate in Phase 1 as of May 25th and personal trainers will be able to operate in Phase 2 with restrictions.

Standard and guidance on outdoor classes is below:
  • 6 feet of separation between participants
  • 12 feet of separation between activity stations
  • Face coverings must be worn at all times
  • No shared equipment, tools or materials
  • Gathering must be less than 10 people, including
  • Class must have pre-registration process
  • Temporary signage needs to be in place
  • All equipment must be disinfected after use
In addition to the state guidelines we ask that you do the following:
  • Bring your own towels and mats!
  • Bring your own water bottle filled beforehand
  • No outdoor shoes are allowed upstairs
Having said this we have begun outdoor classes:

HIIT Body Combat Bootcamp

Monday's, Wednesday's Friday's, Saturday's & Sunday's at 7am & 8am with Michele Wanco!
Core Cycle LIVE
Monday's, Wednesday's, & Friday's 8am
Gimme Strength
Tuesday's & Thursday's 6am
TRX & more Gimme Strength classes are getting added soon...

Remember registration is now mandatory so be sure to sign up!

Please keep checking the website as we continue to build and grow classes at the studio.

and don't forget LIVE Zoom classes are still in progress and available everyday!!!

Thank you for your time and continued support for Heart Core as we tackle this together.

Best, Myya

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What is Your Ability?

All levels: this class is open to anyone.

Beginner? Beginner rhymes with blood thinner, breadwinner, prizewinner, shore dinner, web spinner which you are none of these so we think.... but you may be someone that is beginning something or doing something for the first time. You maybe using the equipment for the first time and needs extensive instruction on proper range of motion.  A beginner may not have ever attended a gym or class, but still may be fit. If so then start here!

Intermediate? Maybe your here? You may feel like your occurring in the middle or between extremes of a beginner athlete or a advanced/ Pro Athlete. This is where you may workout regular and have used some of the equipment. You have taken a TRX class somewhere before and know how to operate the straps or know what a kettlebell is? Do you know the fundamentals of movement and can you work in your bodies full range of motion? If so then you will fit in perfectly at this level to get you progressing to the advance and pro classes.

Advanced? or do you want to barn dance, lap dance, clog dance, closed stance, and by chance your not these... but advanced you workout regularly and enjoy pushing yourself hard and to the next level. You work on bettering yourself with every workout, love to sweat, and enjoy the sore muscles the day after a good hard workout... then here you go and bring all that you have to the table. Lets Go Hard and Big or go home.

Pro? You're an athlete, you do races, you have that competitive sprite, your life is about movement and the next best thing. These style classes will help you train harder and faster for your next big goal. Ultimately making you a faster, stronger and more agile athlete. Lets find your limits and then find new ones!