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As we live through the seasons year in and year out, we learn about what makes our lives complete and meaningful.  Those things that drive us to do the things we do, and create the lives that we want to live.  For many of us these driving forces are our families, our friends, and communities.  However sometimes life throws us curve balls and we fall off track.  Cue the tool box!  It's nice to have little reminders whether they are in the form of actual notes or visual photographs in our spaces that remind us of why we are doing what we are doing.  Many of us have been without power for days, and we have experienced what it is to have some basic needs not being met which tends to put a damper on one's outlook on life.  The energy can get negative and tiresome very quickly. Suddenly it's very cold and dark,  and that can test anyone's resilience.  

Luckily this community came to my rescue when my spirits were down (along with our power).  We stayed with a few friends' on those nights and during one evening, I was shown a few writings, and a few stories that immensely helped me to see another side of a situation that otherwise, I may have not ever realized on my own.   The very writing I am referring to is included in the blog post by "marcandangel"  10 Notes to Self to read every day.

Other "notes to self" (like the one pictured above) come in handy when you give in to impulses that keep you stuck in a rut, and ultimately take you farther from your goals.  Using these written or visual notes to self will help jog your memory and interrupt those negative patterns you may keep going back to, even though you've had the best intentions.  We all experience things that make us test our willpower, and ultimately would want to pull us from the path that we try to walk.  Having "notes to self" around you - your computer, workstation, bedroom, kitchen, etc.  will help you to stay your course. 

Be a light, and never give in to darkness, even when life throws you curve balls.  Dodge and weave.  Roll with the punches.... keep being awesome!!

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What is Your Ability?

All levels: this class is open to anyone.

Beginner? Beginner rhymes with blood thinner, breadwinner, prizewinner, shore dinner, web spinner which you are none of these so we think.... but you may be someone that is beginning something or doing something for the first time. You maybe using the equipment for the first time and needs extensive instruction on proper range of motion.  A beginner may not have ever attended a gym or class, but still may be fit. If so then start here!

Intermediate? Maybe your here? You may feel like your occurring in the middle or between extremes of a beginner athlete or a advanced/ Pro Athlete. This is where you may workout regular and have used some of the equipment. You have taken a TRX class somewhere before and know how to operate the straps or know what a kettlebell is? Do you know the fundamentals of movement and can you work in your bodies full range of motion? If so then you will fit in perfectly at this level to get you progressing to the advance and pro classes.

Advanced? or do you want to barn dance, lap dance, clog dance, closed stance, and by chance your not these... but advanced you workout regularly and enjoy pushing yourself hard and to the next level. You work on bettering yourself with every workout, love to sweat, and enjoy the sore muscles the day after a good hard workout... then here you go and bring all that you have to the table. Lets Go Hard and Big or go home.

Pro? You're an athlete, you do races, you have that competitive sprite, your life is about movement and the next best thing. These style classes will help you train harder and faster for your next big goal. Ultimately making you a faster, stronger and more agile athlete. Lets find your limits and then find new ones!