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Keep From Getting you and yours Sick – 

Eat These Detox SUPERFOODS Daily

Written by: Lindsay Sibson



Your body is being bombarded by toxins – all day, e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y. Yowza!

From personal care products (shampoo, makeup, lotion) to the air your breathe, toxins are sneaky little buggers that will creep their way into your life and ultimately into your body.

These toxins accumulate in your body and can overwork your liver and immune system. As a result, you will feel tired, sick and run-down.

To help flush toxins out of your system and out of your body, regularly consume these SUPERFOODS.

Not only will you feel GREAT, but you will also give your immune system an incredible boost.

  • Has a long history of being used to detoxify the body
  • Supports healthy liver function
    • Vital for cleaning your blood
  • Contains glutathione
    • Helps remove your body’s toxins
    • Anti-carcinogenic properties
  • High in vitamin K
    • Needed for good liver health
  • Works with your liver enzymes to help make it easier to eliminate toxins
  • Flushes toxic metals out of your body
  • Helps boost antioxidants
  • Enhances immune system function
  • Helps alkalize your body
  • Encourages your body to flush toxins out
  • One of the BEST foods for detoxification
  • High pectin and betaine content
    • Supports your liver
  • Loaded with zinc
    • Boosts your immune system
    • Necessary for your body’s metabolic processes
  • Support liver metabolism
  • Packed with prebiotic inulin
    • Helps your body form probiotics in your gut
    • Aids your liver in detoxing
  • Has sulfur-containing compounds
    • Helps your body break down harmful chemicals
  • A natural diuretic
  • Protects cells from free radicals
  • Boosts your liver enzymes
  • Absorb toxic residues from the walls of your intestines
  • Abundant in antioxidants
  • Helps wash toxins out of your system
  • Rich in catechins
    • Boosts liver function
  • Helps restore your body’s pH balance
  • Loaded with nutrients
    • Iron, magnesium, zinc and calcium
  • High content of betaine and pectin
    • Have strong detoxifying properties

Not sure where to start with incorporating these foods into your daily diet?

You can begin by:

1. Squeezing fresh lemon juice into warm water and drinking it every morning

    • Take it a step further by adding ½ teaspoon or more of turmeric

2. Add avocado, cucumbers, mung beans, cabbage and broccoli to your salad

3. Sip on a cup of green tea for a mid afternoon pick-me-up

What is YOUR favorite superfood? Please SHARE with us in the comments below!


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What is Your Ability?

All levels: this class is open to anyone.

Beginner? Beginner rhymes with blood thinner, breadwinner, prizewinner, shore dinner, web spinner which you are none of these so we think.... but you may be someone that is beginning something or doing something for the first time. You maybe using the equipment for the first time and needs extensive instruction on proper range of motion.  A beginner may not have ever attended a gym or class, but still may be fit. If so then start here!

Intermediate? Maybe your here? You may feel like your occurring in the middle or between extremes of a beginner athlete or a advanced/ Pro Athlete. This is where you may workout regular and have used some of the equipment. You have taken a TRX class somewhere before and know how to operate the straps or know what a kettlebell is? Do you know the fundamentals of movement and can you work in your bodies full range of motion? If so then you will fit in perfectly at this level to get you progressing to the advance and pro classes.

Advanced? or do you want to barn dance, lap dance, clog dance, closed stance, and by chance your not these... but advanced you workout regularly and enjoy pushing yourself hard and to the next level. You work on bettering yourself with every workout, love to sweat, and enjoy the sore muscles the day after a good hard workout... then here you go and bring all that you have to the table. Lets Go Hard and Big or go home.

Pro? You're an athlete, you do races, you have that competitive sprite, your life is about movement and the next best thing. These style classes will help you train harder and faster for your next big goal. Ultimately making you a faster, stronger and more agile athlete. Lets find your limits and then find new ones!